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Hamradio operator licensed since 1989. I am active in CW and quite all the digital modes. I am mostly a QRPer and don't have microphones connected to the rigs. I participate to few contest when I find the time and the conditions are good for the QRP activity. Usually not more than twice a year. In 2009 I passed the US extra exam and received the call AJ4PX. In this blog I will try to post all the relevant activity in ma shack and hope you can find something useful for you. Read more >>

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3 Responses to “BITX multiband pcbs and components arrived!”

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LZ2JR said in February 10th, 2013 at 21:51

Hi Giorgio,
please share with us your experience with BITX multiband G6LBQ transceiver built. I purchased also one and it is already alive – receives on 80/40/20 and delivers 2V peak to peak on TX. I am using Si-570 controller VFO from sdr-kits and IF filter is 9MHZ XF9B. Thinking about PA module.
Good luck and see you soon

73 de LZ2JR

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Giorgio said in February 15th, 2013 at 11:29

Hi Boris,

thanks for letting me know the VFO you use on BITX. I also have one of it and I am curious to know which SI570 you used, the CMOS or the LVDS?
It’s the point I am stopped my work on the kit because I have some other DDS VFO but not sure which one is ok. If possible let me know if you used some king of adapter/attenuator stage between the VFO output and input on BITX.
For the PA I am thinking to use a german kit http://www.qrpproject.de/UK/qrppa2008.html
73 de Giorgio IK3NLK

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LZ2JR said in February 25th, 2013 at 10:41

Hello Giorgio,
I am using CMOS version of Si570 without matching transformer at the output. I do placed low pass filter according to N6QW instructions. I removed VFO buffer stage from multiband bitex PCB. Also placed 9MHz low pass filter at the BFO 9MHz output. This cured “birdie” problem.
Soon I will start to assemble linear amplifier according to Andy’s instruction.
Boris lz2jr

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